How We Help

We assist providers in making the billing and financial aspects of care as painless as possible for patients. Since a providers primary concern is their patient’s health, they rely on Patient Billing Services to ensure their patient gets excellent billing support during and beyond treatment.

Patients receive:

  • SIMPLE & FRIENDLY BILLS-We print and mail bills that are also viewable & payable online.
  • FINANCING-We help locate special 6 and 12 month, zero interest finance programs on approved credit.
  • PAYMENT PLANS-We offer assistance in qualifying for pay-plan extensions with your provider.
  • PATIENT PORTAL-Patients get access to a free portal with real-time balance information and
    options to set up an email reminder as well as other helpful features.
  • CALL SUPPORT-Friendly, live billing agents are available until late evening and weekends.
    Our virtual phone agent is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Friendly Billing Agents are Available Until Late Evening and Weekends